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How to get accepted to the U.S. university with an athletic scholarship?

Athletic Evaluation


The first and most critical step in a college recruitment process is assessing your athletic and academic level. Our experts will analyze your sports achievements (country and international rankings, tournament results, stats, etc.) and evaluate what kind of universities and what size of a scholarship you should qualify for.

The U.S. college teams are divided into 3 divisions, where D1 universities have the strongest teams and mostly offer full scholarships, D2 universities are the next strongest teams with scholarships that cover around 40%-70% of tuition and other fees, and lastly, D3 schools that are the least competitive teams that offer no athletic aid but only academic grants. 

Depending on your athletic levels our experts will be able to tell you whether you are most fit for D1, D2 or D3 teams. In the section “Sports” you can take a look at the different college sports and athletic requirements for each of them, as well as other significant statistics.

Aside from sufficient athletic level, you must also pass TOEFL and SAT exams in order to successfully enroll into a U.S. university. The better score you get on those tests, the more prestigious universities you will be able to get accepted into. To test your level of English, we will send you TOEFL and SAT sample tests, and based on the results we will be able to predict which universities are most suitable for you.

Therefore, after our assessment of your sports and academic levels, you will have a clear understanding of what kind of schools should be the best match for you.

University Search


The next step in the recruitment process is compiling a preliminary list of universities. In order to prepare the list for you, we will take into account your athletic level and results of sample TOEFL and SAT tests. We will also ask you to provide any preferences you have regarding the location (states, cities) that you would like to study at, any majors that interest you the most, or any other preferences that you might have (size of universities, demographics, safety, length of a flight from home, etc.). After that, we will narrow down the list of universities to 15-25 options that will be a perfect fit for you.

Athletic Resume


After we have a list of universities that we are interested in, we need to start talking to college coaches to discuss scholarship options and learn more about the schools.

Our sports consultants will help you create a sports resume, which will be the main component in our first email to college coaches. Your resume will consist of a sports video from practice and competitions, best tournaments results, statistics, as well as your TOEFL and SAT results and school transcripts.

Communication with Coaches


A good relationship with your coach is necessary for you to have the best experience as a student-athlete. Therefore, our staff will get you prepared to communicate with the coaches and tell you how to answer and ask questions properly and what information will you need to find out about the team before signing the NLI..

Important: Correspondence with coaches and preparation for TOEFL and SAT exams is carried out simultaneously!

TOEFL and SAT Prepation


In order to enroll into a university in America prospective students need to pass the TOEFL and SAT exams. TOEFL consists of 4 sections – reading, writing, listening and speaking. For each section, test takers can score a maximum of 30 points, that is, 120 points for the entire exam. Usually, 61-68 points are sufficient to get accepted into universities that are mediocre academically, 69-79 points are sufficient for strong universities that are often top 300 in the country, 80-100 points will get students into very prestigious universities, and 100-120 points will be sufficient to get accepted to the most elite universities in the USA (Ivy League universities and the rest top 15 in the country)

The SAT exam consists of 2 parts – English and Math. English part is very challenging and tests students’ vocabulary and grammar, while the mathematics part of the exam is less difficult and tests 9th&10th grade math knowledge. The maximum number of points is 1600, 800 for each part. As far as the scores, 900-950 points are sufficient to get accepted into universities that are mediocre academically, 950-1100 points are sufficient for strong universities that are often top 300 in the country, 1100-1300 points  will get students into very prestigious schools, and scoring anything above 1300 will qualify them for top 15 universities in the country..

In the “Universities” section, you can find TOEFL and SAT requirements at any US university.

NCAA Registration


In order to compete for NCAA D1 and D2 college teams, you will need to get certified by the NCAA eligibility center, a body that reviews athletes’ academic and athletic information and determines eligibility. This organization will check your high school transcripts, TOEFL and SAT results, prize money received from participating in competitions (if any), and make sure that you comply with all the eligibility rules. Our consultants will guide you through the NCAA clearance process and help you to fill out all the paperwork.

University Application


In order for you to get admitted to a university, we will need to send a list of documents to the university admissions, such as TOEFL and SAT tests, highschool diploma, an official student application, and so on. After the university that you’ve chosen receives all the paperwork, you will be officially accepted and be able to start the visa application process.

Visa Application


After officially enrolling in a university and receiving the I-20, we will guide you through the student (F-1) visa application process, which will be the final step in the admission process.

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