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Am I good enough for a full athletic scholarship?

Every year, college coaches recruit the best players from a variety of talented candidates across the world. Today we will talk about some of the criteria that college coaches look at when deciding which candidate to award a scholarship to.

When it comes to individual sports, coaches evaluate players by standard ratings and times (time matters if you compete in swimming, rowing, or track & field). For example, tennis players should pay attention to their ITF rating and UTR number (ITF> 1500, UTR> 8). Swimmers need to choose their two favorite styles (since swimmers at the U.S universities usually compete in any 2 styles of their choice) and focus on improving their short course time. To qualify for a full scholarship, men competing in breaststroke style would have to swim 100 yards in under 56 seconds and 200 yards – in under 2.05. As for golfers, men must complete a round at a maximum of 75 strokes, and women – at 78.

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